Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, MH Online?


Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is the first Monster Hunter game to make it to a Nintendo hand console. The series has been developed by Capcom. The basic idea of the game is to hunt monster, collect materials, craft new equipment and weapons; and to help the village you live in. The game consists of different areas, such as Moga Woods, which then again consist of smaller numbered areas. When I first got into the series, I found the loading screens between the numbered areas quite annoying, but you'll get used to them eventually. Each area consists of different kinda of monster, ores, herbs, insects, etc. The player can choose different sets to accustom to different environments and monsters. Additionally the game features an opportunity to farm, trade with sailing merchants and so on. There is definitely a lot to explore on different areas of the game, even though the hunting grounds require a short loading period when changing from one area to another. 

Weapon choices

The player starts off with a hunting knife and some sort of a shield. These work just fine for the 1 star quests, but you may want to craft some new gear later on in the game. Though some weapons have been superior in previous Monster Hunter titles, in 3 Ultimate no weapon strikes to me as superior. When fighting faster monsters, you may want to use a faster weapon, such as dual blades, while a Great Sword is a good weapon for starters, as it has a high dmg output and allows you to defend yourself better. I'd recommend you to try out the different weapons, see which ones you prefer, and switch between a couple of depending on your hunting plans. Besides the weapon itself, you may use additional items to boost your performance, such as bombs, food buffs, healing potions etc. It's also a good idea to take advantage of the utility of your character, while sometimes it may be handy to pic a weapon that allows you to take a few hits, avoiding those hits is often also an option. 


Besides 'free hunting' the game includes quests of different difficulty, you start off with '1 star' quests and proceed to the higher levels as you get more reputation in the Hunter's Guild. Completing these quests takes you further on in the game, gives you some extra pocket money, and of course, resources. Embarking on a quest is also the only way to access some of the areas in the game (basically all but Moga Woods). The quests usually includes killing, capturing, or collecting something, and then turning the items in at the start point of the quests. I'd highly recommend you to always take the map with you from the blue chest, before you start off your quest. Unlike when free hunting in Moga Woods, while on a quest you can't see the whole map of the area without picking one up at the beginning. It's good to check out the quest objective before leaving the village too, because sometimes, it might be hard to complete it without some extra equipment (e.g pickaxe for mining). 


The game offers you various kinds of monsters, living in different kinds of environment. As opposed to some previous titles in the series, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate offers underwater combat, which works quite similarly to land one. Different areas, however, do require some adapting to. Underwater you obviously need to take care of your oxygen supply, which can be filled up by potions, air bubbles found underwater; or, by quite obviously, swimming to the surface. On desert areas you will find cool drinks handy, or you may collapse from the heat. Similarly, in cold areas you might want to have a sip of some hot drink to warm you up. From the forecast you can predict what kind of monsters you may encounter on specific areas at the time. 

Monster Hunter Online - Graphics look amazing

Monster Hunter Online?

Monster Hunter Online Beta began 6th of July 2013. It is still unknown, whether the game will be released worldwide, and when that might be. It's made in cooperation with Capcom and Tencent. According to Crytek, the game is unlikely to be released outside China. I really hope they change their decision and bring the joy of Monster Hunter Online to gamers outside China, too. The game is said to be free-to-play, and obviously multiplayer due to the online nature of it.

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